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5 Finger Grass

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5 Finger Grass (Cinquefoil)

5 Finger Grass has many different uses in the magical arts. The Leaves of this herb are divided into 5 segments resembling fingers. The hand like appearance has drawn many ritual magicians and spell workers and is said to bring the 5 powers of luck, wealth, love, power and understanding or wisdom. 5 finger grass is used in Hoodoo, Witchcraft, Wicca, Rootwork, Conjuring and other spiritual and magical traditions. Put our knowledge of roots and herbs to work for you. (aprox 1 oz)

Traditional uses include:

  • Brew and add to floor wash to clear away jinxes, hexes and curses.
  • Place in a small bag and hang in an inconspicuous place in your home for protection from enemies
  • Add to your bath for personal protection and clearing a personal jinx, hex or curse

Our 5 finger grass is gathered using traditional methods.