Powder Incense

Madame Yayas strives to bring you the highest quality spiritual incense at the lowest prices around for your ritual and everyday needs. From wicca and eclectic witchcraft devotees to hoodoo practitioners, we have incense for any and all spiritual and ritual practices. Our incense quality is comparable to that of church incense supplies and we dedicate our business to bringing you only the best products. All of our powdered incense is handmade and handcrafted with authentic spiritual herbs and are specifically formulated for your rituals and practices. Our magical incense shop has high quality products, but at a discount incense price. We use traditional vintage labels that have remained unchanged for 60 years. Our incense can be used in mojo spells other rituals and used in combination with our anointing oils and offertory candles for increased. Our powdered incense is made specifically for use in charcoal incense burners and is sprinkled over a hot coal. When used correctly, powdered spiritual incense should not ignite, but burn and smoke slightly to release a pleasing aroma and fill your home with magickal incense properties.