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Black Cat Incense 4 ounce

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Black Cat Incense

Black Cat Incense is a dual purpose incense which can be used for Good Luck and Fortune or Dispelling Curses and Hexes. Black cats have long been subjects of powerful superstition and myth. They are most commonly viewed as bad luck or signs of evil. However, spiritual persons such as eclectic witchcraft and hoodoo practitioners know that black cats can bring good luck and are protective familiars; a belief that some say arose from the african folk magic praise of the black leopard. Black cats were also worshipped in Egypt thousands of years of ago. Many hoodoo spiritualists view the black cat as a sign of good luck as they can capture luck like other cats catch small animals. A black cat rubbing or lightly clawing you is seen as a sign of good luck as black cats seem to capture good luck in their claws.
Black cat powdered incense can simply be burned with a charcoal burner or be used as a ingredient in a mojo bag. It can be used in mojo spells and rituals or for everyday use as a protective measure. Black cat incense is a multi-purpose incense and can be used to enhance your overall magickal effectiveness. Our incense is made from the finest ingredients and from authentic recipes. Our authentic incense are used in Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, Wicca and Magick rituals by practitioners and lay persons alike. Browse through our other fine products and combine for desired results.  This is traditional incense and is meant to be used with charcoal tablets. Use caution when burning incense. Always burn in a well ventilated area away from combustible sources. Instructions and tips for use are included with your order. Your purchase includes incense and tips and instructions for use. 4 oz

Traditional uses include:

  • Herbal Formula used to bring protection and good luck
  • Add a small amount to a mojo bag for protection and luck
  • Burn during Protection rituals and spells