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Compelling Incense (4 Ounce)

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Compelling Incense (4 Ounce)

Some people are harder to compel than others. If you are having a hard time compelling someone to do your bidding our compelling incense may be for you. Unlike our other similar products like Commanding and Controlling incense, Compelling incense gives the influenced person the feeling that it is their idea. The many uses of Compelling incense include:

  • Burn daily to compel the people in your life to conform to your will
  • Burn with a candle to increase the potency while focusing on the person you wish to compel
  • Combine with other powdered incense to create a personalized blend


 Our Compelling Incense is made using the highest quality ingredients known for their commanding, controlling and influencing properties. We follow traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations.