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Crossroad Dirt (1 ounce)

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Crossroad Dirt

Add power to your rituals with Crossroads Dirt! Crossroads are well known as places of “power” in many religions and folklore. People coming from different places would meet at crossroads and perform rituals. Crossroads have been used as ritual altars for hundreds of years by spiritualists from all over the world. Hoodoo practitioners believe crossroads to be places to perform rituals as well as safe places to dispose of used ritual items. Hoodoo also uses symbolic crossroads in the form of an “X” surrounded by a circle or a Hoodoo “5-Spot” which is a design which resembles the 5 pattern on dice. Use our Crossroad dirt to bring the power of the crossroads to you with our authentic crossroad dirt. Lay our Crossroad dirt down in a “5-Spot” and perform your ritual. After the ritual, take the Crossroad dirt and dispose of by the method that coincides with your spell. For spells that involve a move, either physical or symbolic, throw the used Crossroad dirt into running water. For Drawing spells bury the used Crossroad dirt near you or your home. For crossing enemies dispose of it the same way you would Goofer Dust (by burying it in a grave yard). We gather our Crossroad dirt using traditional methods. 1oz