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Drive Away Evil Incense 4 ounce

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Drive Away Evil Incense

Are you having a string of bad luck? Do you feel an uneasiness or that there is someone or something watching you? Get rid of all sources of Evil with Drive Away Evil Incense. Drive Away Evil incense is hand crafted from a variety of traditional drive away evil ingredients including spiritual herbs such as High John the Conqueror Root and Balm of Gilead. These traditional ingredients are said to have protective properties and can be used to keep evil spirits and negative influences away from you. This incense is most effective when used in a high power ritual such as a Psalm protection ritual. There are many Psalms that are said to be effective and specifically useful for keeping evil away.
This traditional incense is made from high quality ingredients and is made from traditional recipes. Our authentic incense are used in Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, Wicca and Magick rituals by practitioners and lay persons alike. Browse through our other fine products and combine for desired results.  This is traditional incense and is meant to be used with charcoal tablets. Use caution when burning incense. Always burn in a well ventilated area away from combustible sources. Your purchase includes incense and tips and instructions for use. 4 oz

Traditional uses include:

  • Used to drive away evil and negative influences
  • Add a small amount to a mojo bag for protection from evil
  • Burn with any Protection Spell or ritual for driving out evil