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Goofer Dust (1 ounce)

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Goofer Dust

Those familiar with Hoodoo will be familiar with “Goofer Dust. Goofer Dust is said to be used to cause your enemy trouble, pain, suffering and even death. The word “Goofer” actually comes from the Kikongo word “Kufwa” which translates as “to die”. To use Goofer Dust simply place the dust in a place where it will be stepped on by your enemy. You can also mix goofer dust with dirt from your enemies footprint. After the dirt is mixed with the Goofer dust you have three options; you can leave it sealed in a bottle to cause sickness or stagnation in your enemy’s life, bury it in a crossroads to drive your enemy away or bury it in a graveyard to bring death to your enemy. Our Goofer dust is made from the highest quality ingredients and from an authentic recipe that has been passed down. 1oz