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Healing Incense (4 Ounce)

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Healing Incense (4 Ounce)

Do you know the signs of an unhealthy spirit or soul? The signs include loss of faith, doubt, depression, sense of worthlessness, overwhelming fear or the appearance of paranormal phenomena.  When suffering from any of these signs the individual is vulnerable to evil or negative forces including the demonic. A healthy soul is vital to a happy and healthy life. The many uses of Healing incense include:

  • Burn daily to heal your soul and bring protection to your home
  • Burn with a white candle to increase the potency to heal your soul and drive evil forces away
  • Combine with other powdered incense to create your personalized blend


 Our Healing Incense is made using the highest quality ingredients known for their spiritual healing properties. We follow traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations.