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High John the Conqueror Root

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John the Conqueror Root

High John the Conqueror Root is the root of ipomoea jalapa which is closely related to the Morning Glory and Sweet Potato. It is one of the most popular and powerful roots used in Hoodoo. The uses of High John root are many and include protection, luck drawing, love drawing, power over enemies, success and fortune. You can’t go wrong when you carry High John Root. To increase power combine with our other High John Products like High John Oil and High John Incense. (Aprox. 1oz)

Traditional uses include:

  • Carry a whole root wrapped in paper money on oneself money drawing or good luck in gambling.
  • Anoint with a love drawing oil and carry in a mojo bag to increase the love drawing properties.
  • Place in a bag above your front door for protection from Evil.


Our John the Conqueror Roots have been cleansed using traditional rituals and blessed using authentic methods.