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Love Drawing Mojo Bag

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Are you looking for that special someone? Are you in need of a companion? Our Love draw Mojo bag is just what you need. A mojo bag is a spiritual staple in hoodoo and other folk magic practices. They are typically made from flannel, and their color corresponds to their purpose. Love Mojo bags are normally red to symbolize passion and romance. Our Love Mojo bags are filled with items and talismans that may help you in your quest to find that perfect someone. Your order comes with 1 standard love mojo bag and is full of love drawing items. Your love Draw Mojo bag includes the following: 3 juniper berries for a romantic encounter, mandrake root, a sprinkling of come to me incense, name paper to write the name of whom you desire. Mojo bags must be “fed” or doused with anointing oil, Hoyt’s cologne, Florida water, or Holy Water in order to keep the magic working. Your order comes with 1 Love Drawing Mojo Bag, its contents, and directions for use.