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Lucky 9 Oil

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Lucky Nine Oil (1/2 Ounce)

Are you having trouble finding a job or succeeding in your current career? Lucky 9 oil is specially formulated to bring good luck to your career or job. Whether you are unemployed and looking for a job, are having trouble moving ahead in your current career or are simply looking for job security Lucky Nine oil is for you. The many uses of Lucky 9 oil include:

  • Anoint your forehead and palm or add to a bath to bring personal Good Luck in all of your career related needs
  • Dress a green candle and burn in your home or office to bring prosperity to your home or business
  • Add to a Mojo bag and carry to bring abundant prosperity and career luck into your daily life


 Our Lucky 9 Oil is made using the highest quality ingredients known for their Luck and Prosperity properties. We follow traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations.