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Lucky Love Incense (4 ounce)

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Lucky Love Incense (4 Ounce)

Are you unlucky in love? Do you have a hard time finding Mr. or Ms. Right? Do all of your relationships seem to end badly?  If you answered yes to any of these questions our Lucky Love incense may be for you. Whether you are looking to get lucky in love or just want to draw luck to a current relationship Lucky Love incense contains the ingredients to help. The many uses of Lucky love incense include:

  • Burn daily to bring luck when you play the lottery
  • Burn with a green candle to draw luck to matters of money and gambling
  • Combine with other powdered incense to create your own personalized blend


Our Lucky Love incense is made using the highest quality ingredients known for their love drawing and strengthening properties. We follow traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations.