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Mandrake Root

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Mandrake Root

Mandrake root, or mandragora, is a root from the mandrake plant. Due to the root’s somewhat human appearance, much myth and superstition has revolved around the mandrake root. Uses of the mandrake root vary from promoting fertility, protection, love drawing, money drawing and as a gambling lucky charm. Mandrake root has been used in Magick and Wicca practices as a protection charm and other ancient folk medicine practices for centuries. Christian lore specifically describes methods of preparing and using the plant. Mandrake root can be prepared in a variety of uses, each specific to the desired goal of the user. Unless you are an herbalist, it is hard to know where to find mandrake root and harvest it effectively. Real mandrake root must be dug out of the ground without being broken and then boiled and dried. Mandrake root effects include hallucinations and a natural high, if ingested directly. Today many people use root mandrake as a protective talisman to bring good luck and fertility. In traditional folk magick, mandrake root is used as a gambling good luck charm as well as a talisman to bring prosperity to a business. It is sometimes brewed in a bitter tea as a powerful aphrodisiac and to induce a hallucinogenic state. However, this method is not highly recommended as real mandrake root contains toxins that make it unsuitable for digestion in high quantities. Your order of authentic mandrake root includes dried mandrake root as well as instructions and tips for use.

Traditional uses include:

  • To draw love tie two twigs together forming a cross and wrap a piece of paper around the joint with the name of the one you desire written on it.
  • Carry on oneself or in a mojo bag for protection.
  • Keep in a jar of coins or cash to draw money and wealth into your life.

Our Mandrake Roots have been cleansed using traditional rituals and blessed using authentic methods.