Mojo Bags

Authentic Hoodoo Mojo Bags

Mojo Bags and medicine bags are used in spiritual practices including Hoodoo, Native American religions, Folk Magic and more. Each Mojo bag contains objects known as Mojo hands which include magical herbs, magical roots, magical oils, magical powders and more. Hoodoo mojo bags are used for drawing love, money, success, good luck, providing spiritual protection and many more uses. Hoodoo Mojo bags come in symbolic colors that designate their uses as follows: Red is for Love drawing, Green is for money and financial success, White is for peace, Purple for control and domination, Black is for protection, Brown is for justice and court cases. The colors are helpful but not nearly as important as the magical contents of the Hoodoo mojo bag. Our mojo bags are compiled using authentic practices that have been passed down for generations.

mojo bag kit mojo bag kit