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Rose Quartz 7 Chakra Ball Pendulum

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Possessing the swirling, foggy interior of a rose quartz stone, this fantastic pendulum possesses a bob that is primarily composed of a 3/4″ sphere of rose quartz, affixed with a gold-toned end sweeping down to a narrow point. Rose quarts, being a stone of love and healing, makes this a potent aid in divination concerning love and illness. This is attached to a 7 1/2″ long gold-toned chain. This chain clasps and unclasps, allowing you use it if you wish or otherwise attach the bob to another chain, and is decorated with seven small stones, each representing one of the chakras. The whole thing ends in another Rose Quartz stone, carved into the shape of a heart, helping to keep your fingers from slipping and helping to attune your mind to the divinations that you will work.