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Blessed Sea Salt 1 Lb

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A product of the sea, Sea Salt has long been associated with magic and mysticism. Blessed sea salt has been used in rituals for centuries and is an invaluable asset when it comes to protection. It is alleged that when blessed sea salt has the power to repel evil forces and purify negativity. It is used in exorcisms, Magick purification and banishing spells as well as Hoodoo practices that are similar to those of Red Brick Dust. Within these practices it is sometimes used as a wash for magical scrying mirrors, as well as parts of consecration and purification rituals. It is also sometimes used in protective magic and ritual, as well as for the cleansing and purification of crystals.¬†Aside from the frequent culinary use, Sea Salt is perhaps most commonly used today in baths and washes, often used to sooth away aches and pains or otherwise aid in wounded and damaged tissues. Indeed, from this comes the name “bath salts.”

This is a 1 Lb bag of Sea Salt that has been Blessed in the traditional Holy Roman Ritual.