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Slippery Elm Bark

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Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm is a tree that is indigenous to North America. What is Slippery elm used for you may ask? The bark or, more specifically the inner bark, is known to possess medicinal values. Medicinal users use Slippery Elm for sore throat and other ailments like gerd. Slippery Elm bark has been used in Native American spiritual practices as well as in Hoodoo, Voodoo and other forms of spirituality. It is alleged to possess the power to protect you from gossip, slander and lies as well as banishing Evil from your home. You can also sprinkle a little on or in your Voodoo or Hex doll to bring pain to those who talk behind your back. Put our knowledge of roots and herbs to work for you.

Traditional uses involve:

  • Place Slippery Elm bark in the 4 corners of your home to ┬ádrive Evil away.
  • Carry on oneself or in a mojo bag to protect yourself from gossip and slander.
  • Sprinkle around your doors and windows or the doors and windows of someone you love to protect from lies.

Our Slippery Elm bark has been cleansed using traditional rituals and blessed using authentic methods.