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Solomon’s Seal Root

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Solomon’s Seal Root

Solomon’s Seal Root gets its name from the fact that when the plant expires in autumn its stalk leaves a mark that resembles the Seal of Solomon, also called the Star of David. It is used in many spiritual practices including Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, Wicca, Witchcraft and more. It is alleged to possess protective and wisdom imparting powers. Just as the Biblical Solomon was said to have sealed Demons and kept them at bay so does the Solomons Seal root protect those that use it.

Traditional uses include:

  • Carry on oneself or in a mojo bag to impart wisdom to the user and aid in decision making.
  • Place pieces before doors and windows for protection and to keep evil away.
  • Place a cursed object in a solid container along with 4 pieces of Solomons Seal to contain.
  • Mix with Black Pepper and High John Oil for Exorcisms.

Our Solomon’s Seal Roots have been cleansed using traditional rituals and blessed using authentic methods.