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Southern John Root

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Southern John Root

Southern John Root, also called Southern John the Conqueror or Dixie John, is famous for it’s many uses in spells and rituals for luck, love and protection. It is the root of the Trillium plant and is native to North America. Being indigenous to North America it’s no surprise that the Native American’s recognized and used Southern John root for it’s magical properties. Along with Native American ┬áspiritual practices Southern John root is also used in Hoodoo, Wicca, Magic, Rootwork, Conjuring and other magical traditions. Put our knowledge of roots and herbs to work for you. (aprox 1 oz)

Traditional uses include:

  • Burn shavings or root hairs with incense to draw a lover to you.
  • Carry with you for good luck.
  • Put in a mesh bag and place it in the wash with your clothes or bedding for increased sexual energy.

Our Southern John roots are gathered using traditional methods.