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Tarot Prediction & Divination by Susyn Blair-Hunt

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Bring more depth to your tarot readings and unleash your psychic sense; it’s easy once you understand the three dimensions of the tarot. Internationally respected tarot expert and author Susyn Blair-Hunt presents an original, step-by-step approach, using the tarot’s visual cues as a means to awaken your psychic abilities and help you discover the predictive, therapeutic, and spiritual messages hidden within the cards.
If you’re just setting out on your journey into tarot, you’ll find everything you need to get started immediately. Have a little more experience under you belt? You can use this guide to expand your abilities, refresh your perspective, and take your interpretive skills to the next level.
Tarot Prediction and Divination helps you:
Expand your interpretation through tarot imagery
Choose the ideal Significator
Identify topic-specific card combinations
Explore special sections on love, career, health, timing, and more
Learn readings for dreams, past lives, channeling, and the chakras