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Triple Block Buster Incense 16 ounce

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Triple Block Buster 16 oz.

Use Triple Block Buster Incense to draw good fortune to ones self or prevent fortune from reaching another. Blockbuster incense is used for many different purposes. Blockbuster incense does as it says and removes blockages that may be keeping you from reaching your full magickal potential. Block buster incense contains ingredients similar to road opener incense and can be used with the same prayers. Our incense includes many powerful spiritual herbal ingredients including calendula and cinnamon. Blockbuster incense and powders are traditional hoodoo rootwork essentials and are recommended for anyone who feels they are being held back either by their own apprehensions or a negative entity.
There are many different psalms associated with road opening and block buster incense that should be read when performing a Christian spiritual ritual.To use for oneself burn 1-2 spoonfuls daily inside a well ventilated area of ones home. Be sure to use an appropriate incense burner. Burn 1-2 spoonfuls daily outside ones home to draw fortune away from others. Your purchase includes incense and tips and instructions for use.

Traditional uses include:

  • Used to clear spiritual obstacles and roadblocks.
  • Add a small amount to a mojo bag for spiritual clarity
  • Burn during any Block Buster Spell or ritual