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Valerian Root (Vandal Root)

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Valerian Root (Vandal Root)

Powdered Valerian root, sometimes referred to as Vandal root, has many uses both magical and medical which date back to ancient Greece. Valerian root is native to Europe and Asia and is used in many magical and spiritual traditions including Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Conjuring, Hoodoo, Root work and more. It is one of the few roots and herbs that is used in both malicious and protection spells and rituals. Put our knowledge of roots and herbs to work for you. (aprox. 1 oz)

Traditional uses include:

  • Add powdered root to candle dressed with uncrossing incense or uncrossing oil and burn to send curses, hexes and jinxes back to the person who placed them.
  • Sprinkle across threshold to your home and think of keeping the person or people that you want to keep away to prevent them from entering. While Red Brick Dust keeps away people who wish to harm you Vandal root keeps away only those specific people you think of.
  • Some say that if you discreetly place Vandal root in an enemies home, office or vehicle it cause them pain and suffering.

We gather our Valerian roots using traditional methods.